Phone number verification widget

So why did we build the widget? Here’s the deal.

Messente delivers millions of authentication PIN codes and one time passwords every month and we talk to a lot of companies looking to upgrade their user security.

Most sites and web applications using 2-step verification today have had to build the verification process from scratch using an SMS messaging API to deliver the PIN codes. The reason for this is that most 2-step verification products offered for businesses today are simply one-way SMS messaging services packaged as authentication products.

On the other hand there are many businesses willing to set up 2-step verification but they don’t have the development resource to build one themselves. The verification widget is a tool for all of these companies as it offering the missing tool from a plug and play solution.

So now developers have the following options to choose from:
  • In case a highly customised authentication process is required it makes sense to build the user interface and the PIN sending logic on your own while using our SMS messaging API to deliver the PIN codes to any mobile phone in the world.
  • The middle option is using our customisable 2-step verification API which gives you a lot of added functionality specific to the authentication process. It generates PIN codes and passwords, delivers them and takes care of retries should the user's phone be unreachable on the first try.
  • The new widget makes setting up 2-step verification 100% plug and play. It is essentially a pre-built interface connected to our existing verification API. The widget takes care of guiding your users through the simple process, generates the PIN codes and handles the delivery.

There is literally nothing left for you to build :)

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