Personalized support and why there is no way around it

Uku Tomikas

02 Jan 2018 -

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Uku Tomikas

02 Jan 2018


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We often see client support packaged into software products, whether it includes general support tickets, to live chat, to dedicated account managers. And it comes with a cost to the software publisher, which is often passed on to the clients. As product features expand, support tends to suffer, with reply times increasing, quality of support declining, and costs expanding to solve service issues quickly. Eventually, the personal touch of client support fades.

Support is the foundation to good software products and APIs. While support can end up becoming a contest to see how many tickets can be closed in a day, Messente has a different mentality when it comes to solving problems and supporting our clients’ businesses. Here’s how we do it.

First, everyone gets a real person to call. Since Messente focuses on delivering business-critical messages that have a significant impact when undelivered, every single support case, whether for delayed or undelivered messages, feature functionality, or account set-up is, is treated with urgency and importance. Be it banking PIN-codes, courier delivery notifications, or appointment reminders, issues must be resolved ASAP, and the quickest way is to call your account manager who can investigate the matter, or bring it directly to the right person. As a backup, we have a general support email and live chat on our website, just in case the account managers are catching up on their sleep.

Next, support comes in one form: Complete and at no additional cost. Since nearly every client send business-critical messages, the need for strong frontline support always exists. Customers typically can’t wait twenty-four hours for someone to reply to their email, so tiered support simply doesn’t make sense. Timely support is essential for providing high-quality service for critical business cases. We consider this as one of the most important parts of our service. It’s a transparent way of finding solutions to any problems with the help of one trusted point of contact. And we don’t see the need for charging for the service, as our goal is to be as close to the client as possible; an integral business partner.

Our focus on delivering crucial messages for our clients means that we need to provide a service that matches their needs –both in service quality and delivery. Also, since we’re a piece of a business process, finding the best solutions in a timely manner supports their businesses. Having a personal account manager that helps when needed as a part of the service we provide is the best way to go.

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Uku Tomikas

Lead Sales Researcher

At Messente Uku is a part of Messente’s sales lab, taking a systematic and metrics driven approach to constantly improving the B2B lead generating process. As a yoga and meditation enthusiast he likes to keep a solid balance between crunching numbers and petting his pet pup Lucy. 

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