SMS boosts CRM services and it can't be overlooked

Customer Relationship Management is a technology which focuses on communicating information to customers (or potential customers) and managing those interactions, building more enduring relationships. Managing customer relationships efficiently is key in markets where competition is increasing, and margins are decreasing. As such, a service must be excellent, or customers will simply switch. And with customers increasingly diversifying their demands, having a simple way to integrate new features is of high priority.

As such, an SMS feature adds a more effective short communication method to CRMs. Often, such features improve operations and lead to increased efficiency. Let’s go deeper and look at how SMS features solve real business problems, as we have a thorough perspective of how specific platforms utilize SMS features through our client-base.

Capabilities of SMS in CRMs

When taking a closer look at our clients who operate in the travel and transportation industry, we see that they tend to have several different reasons to use SMS.

Delays and Disruptions

A big part of building trust between you and your clients is great customer support. Thus, timely SMS alerts are something your clients will definitely value, in terms of time and money saved.

For example, a disruption that you might want to convey to your customers may be a bathroom being refurbished on a ferry, so your customers can take that into account. Or delays caused by a storm, which might even lead to a cancellation of departure. Keeping your customers well informed and in the loop with the most up to date information is something to strive for.

Booking confirmations

When a customer purchases a ticket, send a confirmation via SMS, as it’s nearly guaranteed that they will open it and see it. As the information is relayed to their phones, which is almost always at arms-length, it has a high open rate. In terms on efficiency, having an automated system in place to inform customers of their ticket validity, saves time on both ends. No need to deal with individual booking confirmations that might warrant a call to customer support. Internet connectivity issues can delay the information being received over email or push notifications.


The SMS message can include a ticket number or a serial number. Include the customer support number for quick access to the support team if something out of the ordinary were to happen.


Here’s a hypothetical story to explain the value of notifications for customers through CRMs.

Let's say you're vacationing in Tasmania. There's only one ferry and a whole lot of tourists. You were spontaneous when deciding to go on a trip. It was great; you didn't have to wait in line to get on the ferry. Having spent a day or two looking around, and slowly planning on getting back to reality, you discover that tickets are sold out. Maybe you should have thought it through a bit more. But no worries, you can sign up to receive a notification when a spot on the ferry back becomes available.

Notifications improve the customer experience. And all it takes is integrating our SMS platform into the CRM.

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