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Reserved Problems Unexpected immediate popularity of appPrevious SMS API could not handle volumePre-pay billing not feasible as SMS use could not be forecasted


Paytailor is a mobile payments platform for merchants and mobile payment app for users. Unlike traditional competitors, merchants and users alike, are not tied to a specific operating system or hardware manufacturer. In fact, they can begin using the platform now, without any upgrades. 

In addition to allowing merchants to cut the costs of using bank cards, Paytailor takes advantage of Messente's messaging gateway to add more value for their customers right out of the platform.

Download the case study to learn more about the way Paytailor uses Messente's messaging and verification APIs as tools in their platform. 

  • Build customer loyalty and rewards programs into platform 
  • Location based offerings to users who opt in 
  • Verify users phone numbers, keep numbers protected, and no spam 
  • Messaging API & gateway from Messente 
  • Send SMS notifications for loyalty rewards, discounts, for users who opt in 
  • Send SMS notifications as users are near merchants offering deals (users opt in) 
  • Verify phone numbers, not shared with merchants, and spam filters in place 
  • Scalable API and service as application becomes more popular 

Download the Case Study