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MWC 2019 Is Almost Here. And We’ll Be Attending

Mobile World Congress is approaching, bringing a lot of companies from the mobile technology industry to Barcelona for a few days to forge new partnerships and strengthen existing ones. For anyone in messaging it is one of the top events to attend during 2019.

Here are three things on our agenda at MWC this year.

1. New partners for an even better SMS route network

Last year the regions which contributed the most to our rapid growth were Latin America, Southeast Asia, Central and Eastern Europe. We’ve seen notable growth in markets like Mexico, Argentina, Philippines, Singapore, Poland, Ukraine, etc.

Our operations team is out there acquiring new partners, fine-tuning our routes in those key growth regions. As Messente focuses on almost solely on transactional messaging traffic and not on marketing and advertising traffic, we’re looking for direct high-quality connections.

2. Viber and WhatsApp business APIs

Viber and WhatsApp have taken very different routes on how they have rolled out their business messaging APIs.

Viber has had the typical open garden approach since they first launched their enterprise solution a few years ago. Minimum traffic commitments aside, they have quite openly allowed aggregators and messaging platforms to do the sales work for them by offering them full access as long as the messages comply with their regulations. 

Sure, the registration process might be a bit easier and perhaps require less paperwork, but in the big picture, Viber is quite open in their approach.

WhatsApp/Facebook has been much more cautious since they launched their WhatsApp business API about 6 months ago. If we look at what they have done so far, it has to be said Facebook has made a number of really good calls - especially introducing session based pricing and much higher price points compared to SMS.

It makes a lot of sense as WhatsApp messages are perceived rather as the start of a conversation whereas SMS has been used for mostly one-way notifications for decades.

What has been more difficult to understand is Facebook’s reluctance to grant access to a wider circle of partners sooner. Surely a well-established set of comprehensive regulations and a process in which they approve all message templates can quite effectively avoid any misuse.

Messente is ready to offer both Viber and WhatsApp access to our customers - as WhatsApp business API has existed for a very short time, I think MWC will bring us a lot of updates on the roadmap and process regarding this channel.

3. Google’s RCS

RCS has been a major topic at MWC for the past few years. In an essence, it’s Google’s answer to iMessage - a native, rich messaging experience for Android phones which does not require a separate app to be installed.

Although they have been working hard this past year, it still needs time to be where it needs to be coverage wise. There are just a handful of countries in the world where RCS is supported by all the network operators in this market.

The first (pilot) projects are out there, but it needs to see more adoption to become a mainstream solution.

We’re definitely keeping an eye on the progress of RCS and paying attention to what are the predictions on the coverage expansion by Google and the mobile network operator community.  

Let’s have a chat

If you’re attending MWC this year, I wish you a great event and maybe we’ll get a chance to catch up. Our booth is part of Enterprise Estonia's booth with other top startups. The booth number is 8.1J51. You can find the event map here. We're in hall 8.1. Come by and let’s have chat.

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If you aren’t attending - keep an eye on our blog. I will definitely write another post right after the event analyzing these topics and anything else that gets the spotlight in Barcelona.

Lauri Kinkar
2019-02-12 00:00:00 UTC