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How Is the Actual SMS Length Calculated?

- 1 MIN READ - 17 Jan 2019

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How Will SMS Routing Boost Your Business?

- 1 MIN READ - 15 Jan 2019

SMS routes and connections are the core of delivering SMS messages. It’s like a neocortex; where connections help SMS messages move between endpoints and applications. Also, similarly to connections in the brain, there are stronger and weaker connections. Stronger connections are shorter, meaning less mid-points, or none. Weaker connections have multiple mid-points where information can get lost.

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Sent, Delivered, Failed, Undelivered - What's the Difference?

- 1 MIN READ - 15 Jan 2019

As with any service, product, tool, or feature used, certain terminology comes along with it. This can get quite confusing when the terms used seem familiar, but are used to describe events that aren’t.

Such is the case with SMS delivery statuses, and mainly the four mentioned in the heading. Here is a quick run-down of what they mean and why they’re important:

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Why SMS Throughput and Priority are Important?

- 1 MIN READ - 15 Jan 2019

Throughput is a term used to describe how many messages can be sent per second. For example, a throughput of 10 messages per second suggests an SMS connection can submit (and receive an acknowledgement) for up to 10 SMS messages per second.

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Omni-channel messaging API 1.0 is now out of Beta

- 1 MIN READ - 14 Aug 2018

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Things to note when expanding messaging to Mexico

- 1 MIN READ - 07 Aug 2018

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Why do we take SMS sender ID registration so seriously? 

- 1 MIN READ - 31 Jul 2018

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3 things we’ve learned from Sales Lab so far

- 1 MIN READ - 24 Jul 2018

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Take hotel concierge further with SMS

- 1 MIN READ - 17 Jul 2018

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More creative ways of using SMS in healthcare

- 1 MIN READ - 10 Jul 2018

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5 mistakes to avoid during the transition to microservices

- 1 MIN READ - 03 Jul 2018

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Global smartphone use & omni-channel messaging

- 1 MIN READ - 26 Jun 2018

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Business considerations with omni-channel messaging

- 1 MIN READ - 19 Jun 2018

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Omni-channel API 1.0 Preview: Sending your first Viber message

- 1 MIN READ - 12 Jun 2018

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Make two-way SMS work for your brand

- 1 MIN READ - 05 Jun 2018

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A brief history on how we got to omni-channel messaging

- 1 MIN READ - 29 May 2018

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The cross between UX and 2FA for FinTech companies

- 1 MIN READ - 24 May 2018

With Money20/20 on the horizon, we’ve taken a moment to step back and try to really understand the challenges FinTech companies face. 

Well, we didn’t have to look much, because it was fairly obvious this year: It’s the overwhelming burden and cost of regulation. Fintech companies began the year needing to comply with the second Payment Services Directive out of the EU, and now we have GDPR.

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Communicating your actions: The essentials (GDPR article #3)

- 1 MIN READ - 22 May 2018

Note: This is article #3 of our GDPR awareness series. Read about data processing and the 3 pillars of GDPR as well. 

As May 25th is only a few days away, it’s important to review all systems and measures taken one last time. And, if you haven’t yet, let your customers know about them, too.

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How we got here and the three pillars (GDPR article #2)

- 1 MIN READ - 15 May 2018

Note: This is article #2 of our GDPR awareness series. Read about data processing and customer communication as well! 

The subject of the new European privacy protection laws has many of us confused about the purpose of rules within the legislation.

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Don't Panic! It's still okay to process (GDPR article #1)

- 1 MIN READ - 08 May 2018

Note: This is article #1 of our GDPR awareness series. Read about the 3 pillars of GDPR and customer communication as well. 

The boogeyman creeps closer and closer as the 25th of May looms, but don’t fear, it’s not as bad as it may seem.

GDPR takes effect, but it’s still okay to process (obtain, transmit, handle and store) personal data. The ‘why’ and ‘how’ just got a bit trickier.

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Have you met 1oT? Mobile data connectivity for IoT companies.

- 1 MIN READ - 24 Apr 2018

Last week, Lauri wrote a good piece about keeping things real, because businesses have simple business models at their core. As one of our values, simplicity has led Messente to build a reliable and powerful SMS API and user authentication API for businesses and brands to communicate with their customers globally.

While we pride ourselves in doing global A2P SMS and 2FA very well, one of our sister companies, 1oT, uses a similar methodology of simplicity to do global internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity really well.

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A note on keeping things real

- 1 MIN READ - 17 Apr 2018

Over the years, I've had the good fortune of talking to and doing business with many entrepreneurs and CEOs from a variety of industries. Some are first-time founders of small startups, while others are amazingly experienced serial entrepreneurs. Many of them are extremely successful in what they do.

So naturally, while listening to them talk about their businesses, I've always tried to spot any fundamental takeaways –the small drops of universal business advice distilled from those hundreds of conversations.

And it seems to me that a lot of the most profound business truths seem to point to a direction that I would call, "keeping it real.”

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Next-generation Omnichannel API is well underway

- 1 MIN READ - 10 Apr 2018

Over the last few months we’ve been setting the direction of our Omnichannel messaging API and our development team has started working on it. Considering transparency, we wanted to share the progress we’ve made on the API and give our clients something to look forward to, as well as helping clients prepare their systems for the next generation of our A2P messaging API.

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You're protected from the pitfalls of grey routes

- 1 MIN READ - 03 Apr 2018

“Grey routes” is a loosely used term in the telecommunications industry. Frankly, the industry-specific meaning of grey routes is useless to most of our clients. Brands and businesses send messages to their customers and they expect those messages to be delivered, which is what our SMS API does well.

However, it’s important to understand the premise of grey routes, because they affect SMS service quality, an important topic to us and we hope is important to businesses that use A2P SMS APIs.

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Announcing preliminary plans for the Dashboard!

- 1 MIN READ - 27 Mar 2018

Our development team is always hunkered down, working on our APIs to create better communication and verification products for our customers. While most of our work is on the backend –things customers don’t really see –the work shows.  

Last year, we made major enhancements to our verification and two-factor authentication solution, and we introduced Verigator, our 2FA mobile app.  

This year we’re focusing on omnichannel messaging (more on that later,) but first we’re going to give our online dashboard an upgrade –an upgrade focused on even more transparency and user experience.

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How does Verigator make 2FA better?

- 1 MIN READ - 20 Mar 2018

Let’s face it. Two-factor authentication is still widely under-used. Google painted an alarming picture: 90% of its Gmail users haven’t enabled 2FA in any form.  

That’s nuts. Gmail has 1.2 billion active users and most of them don’t use anything more than a password to protect their accounts. But email accounts aren’t the only concern –what about everything else? Internet users average (globally) over 90 online accounts. Americans have an average of 130 online accounts and people in the UK have 118 online accounts.  

It only takes one hijacked account or account breach to have an impact on someone’s life and become costly for businesses.  

Businesses know they must put in the effort to protect their users –and GDPR mandates it. Yet UI/UX developers and product owners walk a fine line between user experience and securing their customers.

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Learn more about one of the strongest customer communication channels

- 1 MIN READ - 13 Mar 2018

Brands and product managers adopt SMS messaging because it has become one of the most effective ways to communicate and connect with customers. For example, Ad Exchange recently reported that online retailer experienced 100% open rates and 20% click-through rates with SMS.

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Most notable takeaways in the industry from MWC 2018

- 1 MIN READ - 06 Mar 2018

We're back from Mobile World Congress –the largest mobile technology event in the world –and it's time to categorize all the bits of information acquired during the roughly 60 meetings our team collectively had in Barcelona.

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We made it to the Inc. 5000 Europe list amidst MWC 2018!

- 1 MIN READ - 28 Feb 2018

We shipped part of our team to Barcelona this week to connect with the global mobile tech community, showcase our messaging platform, and spot trends in the global SMS messaging industry.

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Emojis and SMS APIs. What gives? Here's how to do it.

- 1 MIN READ - 27 Feb 2018

Remember the days when you sent “;)” in a text message when you were being facetious with a friend or flirting with someone? Well, unbeknownst to me, that’s not cool anymore because emojis illustrate emotion much better than emoticons since they’re actual pictures (emojis and emoticons are not the same thing.)

I’ll probably still use emoticons because I’m old school, and it’s much easier to type a colon and parenthesis than thumb through emojis –I digress.

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Municipalities take advantage of SMS to help people

- 1 MIN READ - 16 Feb 2018

The humble SMS is a widely used tool and as such it is no miracle that municipalities use it widely as well. With high delivery, open rates and the majority of SMS opened within the first 3 minutes, there are few other means of communication that can reach people as fast and as reliably. Not to mention that the SMS works with any device, so recipients don’t have to have an internet-connected smartphone.

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Where is the industry actually headed? WhatsApp, RCS, and more.

- 1 MIN READ - 13 Feb 2018

The enterprise messaging space is full of innovative solutions. Some of them find their place in the mix of communication channels. Some of them quickly fade away and make room for others.

While Facebook Messenger has transformed how small businesses communicate with their customers, the short-lived MMS is one of the most notable technologies of the past that did not live up to expectations.

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Central log management and why it really matters

- 1 MIN READ - 06 Feb 2018

It’s a well-known fact that without logging we don’t really understand if our systems are functioning properly. Or worse, if something goes wrong, it’s next-to-impossible to understand why.  

However, today’s software architecture is more modularized as opposed to a more monolithic approach employed in the past. Individual applications are now often isolated into application containers (e.g. LXC, Docker) to decouple complex systems into more easily manageable chunks which can be easily deployed, replicated, secured and provisioned.

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Breaking down partnerships to the ridiculous

- 1 MIN READ - 26 Jan 2018

There are stark financial differences in using a global messaging provider, versus several geographically local service providers. These differences center around three areas of business: Procurement, operations management, and overall costs. And they can be quantified by the cost of time, issues with workarounds, missed opportunities for volume pricing, and the indirect costs of undelivered messages.

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Upgrades on the way! We want to be sure you're ready.

- 1 MIN READ - 25 Jan 2018

Attention! We’re making significant upgrades to our APIs and there are technical updates that may affect service. Please read this to see what you may need to do to avoid any lapses in service!

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How to understand partner compliance for your own good

- 1 MIN READ - 23 Jan 2018

An important aspect of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR,) which is easily overlooked, is potential liability from third parties who handle your customer data. If a data breach is caused by a partner, and your customer data is stolen, accounts are hijacked, or any other harm is done, substantial fines may be on their way –to your company.

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Consider this in the bidding process - Part 2

- 1 MIN READ - 16 Jan 2018

Continuing last week’s discussion around things that companies must consider when selecting a global SMS messaging partner through a formal request for proposal, or bid, here are three more critical variables to point out. Again, these are based on our experience of customers turning to us after they tried the lowest cost tender.

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Consider this in the bidding process - Part 1

- 1 MIN READ - 09 Jan 2018

Selecting an SMS provider from a pool of many can be daunting task. What should be considered when picking a partner? What are the variables?

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Personalized support and why there is no way around it

- 1 MIN READ - 02 Jan 2018

We often see client support packaged into software products, whether it includes general support tickets, to live chat, to dedicated account managers. And it comes with a cost to the software publisher, which is often passed on to the clients. As product features expand, support tends to suffer, with reply times increasing, quality of support declining, and costs expanding to solve service issues quickly. Eventually, the personal touch of client support fades.

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SMS boosts CRM services and it can't be overlooked

- 1 MIN READ - 19 Dec 2017

SMS messaging has become an expected feature in customer engagement platforms, which involves communicating information to people. Even more so when information sent to the client needs to be received immediately, rather than whenever they get around to opening their inbox on a busy Monday morning, buried underneath an avalanche of emails.

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Are you in sales? Here's how to keep up inbox hospitality.

- 1 MIN READ - 12 Dec 2017

While persistence in sales is key, there is fine line between following up a few times to make sure the message was received, and bombarding someone’s inbox or phone until they flat-out refuse to work with you, or block you.

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How to take advantage of momentum

- 1 MIN READ - 05 Dec 2017

The buzz and energy of startup conferences shows, as nearly everyone you meet is excited to talk. There wasn’t a person that I spoke with at Slush that didn’t have a great story to tell, or listened to what I had to say about Messente.

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When building it doesn't make sense anymore

- 1 MIN READ - 28 Nov 2017

As regulations like the General Data Protection Rule and the new Payment Services Directive roll in, technology departments reassess the security tools they currently use and try to understand which new tools will be deemed necessary. Regarding new tools, it’s fair to ask, “do we build our own, or do we seek out a partner and buy the tool."

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How we do it: Supporting a culture of growth

- 1 MIN READ - 14 Nov 2017

Recently, I’ve had several discussions about company culture. And here’s a common question: How do you build a culture that supports growth and create a workplace that everyone’s happy being part of?

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This is an opportunity. Take advantage of it.

- 1 MIN READ - 07 Nov 2017

In today’s world, it feels like the technology changes faster than we can keep up. As technology becomes even more ingrained in our lives, it’s obvious, that for our own good, regulations need to evolve as well. And it’s extremely important that business owners and leaders understand new regulations to adapt in the best way possible.

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Scrub customer databases and make SMS more effective

- 1 MIN READ - 31 Oct 2017

It’s often that we are asked, “what is your average delivery rate in (fill in the blank) country?” People usually expect an answer like, “98%.” Yet cost efficiency and SMS conversion is more important than a percentage number; without context it doesn’t mean anything.

The more important question pertains to how delivery rates are calculated. Let’s point out that there are mobile operators in some countries that do not send delivery reports, or if they do, they are unreliable. Is the delivery rate statistic based on messages sent and the number of messages that received a “delivered" status? That is the most common and brutally simplified way to calculate delivery rate. First of all, in fact, it is best practice to start with clarifying whether or not the mobile number databases contain phone numbers that are deliverable.

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Startup Conferences: What’s the point? (Slush 2017)

- 1 MIN READ - 25 Oct 2017

With Slush coming up in about a month, it’s a good time ponder the purpose of large startup conferences. Many entrepreneurs head to conferences, like Slush, around the world and throughout the year looking for investments from venture capitalists and angel investors, yet there’s a lot more to gain from startup conferences. Think about it: there will be over 17,000 motivated and creative people in one place at one time. Get creative and gain as much as you can out of the experience.

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We never intended to do this, but it happened.

- 1 MIN READ - 23 Oct 2017

I’m excited to announce that this month brought some well-deserved recognition for the people at Messente, as we reached high rankings in a couple “top company” lists in our industry.

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The economics behind undelivered, failed SMS messages    

- 1 MIN READ - 17 Oct 2017

The cost and full impact of undelivered or failed messages isn’t immediately clear. The financial impact is not simply the combination of the failed SMS and the cost to resend the message, which isn’t very much at times. There are other indirect costs that result from undelivered SMS messages that matter from a financial perspective. Let’s take a deeper look into the ripple effect of undelivered messages, which make the reasons behind our focus on SMS delivery quality even more clear.

Here are a few examples.

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Fraud and Security: 2FA Considerations for PSD2

- 1 MIN READ - 10 Oct 2017

The second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is less than three months away from enforcement. While the regulation’s text is lengthy, a key component of the law is its extended reach in comparison to the first directive. PSD2 applies to all payment service providers and affiliates, including account information service providers and payment initiation service providers. In addition, the law applies when at least one part of the transaction is in the European Union. This means that payment service providers and their affiliates outside of the EU must comply with the law when the payer is in the EU. The additional geographical reach guarantees the same level of security expectations for all EU residents regardless of the location of the payment service provider.

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Tools to avoid breaking the budget with SMS - Part 2

- 1 MIN READ - 03 Oct 2017

In a previous blog post we discussed a few tools to help avoid breaking the budget and how they help save money when sending SMS messages through our platform. Another important aspect of the budget is knowing how much you have spent and how much you still must spend. We have two main ways to help, one for pre-pay accounts and one for post-pay accounts (with the API only.)

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Secure all accounts with 2FA using a single app

- 1 MIN READ - 18 Sep 2017

Messente’s two-factor authentication mobile app is officially here for iOS and Android devices.

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Burden on businesses with new EU data security law

- 1 MIN READ - 12 Sep 2017

Over four years in the making, it was finally completed in April 2016.

As technology became more integrated into our lives, personal data, security, and privacy have been a hot topic. Last January, the long process of creating and agreeing on new legislation designed to reform the legal framework for ensuring the rights of EU citizens to a private life was completed, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – Regulation (EU) 2016/679) was born.

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Does it make sense to regulate interconnection fees?

- 1 MIN READ - 05 Sep 2017

We’ve seen all kinds of countries and market situations at Messente –from Europe to Latin America, to Southeast Asia. The telecommunications industry landscape is unique in every market, but there are patterns.

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What defines SMS quality & how we do it

- 1 MIN READ - 22 Aug 2017

“Quality of an SMS” is a common, but a confusing term, in the A2P messaging industry. Generally, it's believed that an SMS either gets delivered or not. So logically, quality has no relevance. Sure, somewhat true, but it certainly doesn’t describe the entire picture. This leads us to explain SMS quality and why it’s important to understand before discussing costs.

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An easy way to add more confidentiality - hiding SMS content

- 1 MIN READ - 15 Aug 2017

In a previous blog, we discussed Flash SMS and how it’s used to ensure confidentiality with SMS messaging. Well, Messente’s API provides two more features that help hide message content:

  • Content no-store
  • Content hashing

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Join us to learn how we're helping people #TurnOn2FA

- 1 MIN READ - 01 Aug 2017

We’ve developed solid APIs for global SMS messaging and two-factor authentication, which are currently part of processes for hundreds of companies and facilitate thousands of transactions every day. Yet we aren’t stopping there. Effectively communicating with customers and securing customer account access online are two aspects of business technology we focus on. While there’s much more to business technology (much, much more,) these are the two areas which we strive to be the best.  

That’s why we keep developing our tools to address evolving needs in the areas which we specialize. 

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Tools to avoid breaking the budget with SMS

- 1 MIN READ - 01 Aug 2017

Getting the most bang out of each buck in a marketing communication strategy requires solids budget estimation. Yet when the budget is broken halfway through the month, the questions arise: How did this happen? How have we sent twice as many SMS messages than we should have at this point? Well, this is where the multipart SMS comes into play.

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Delivering every SMS while protecting from spam issues

- 1 MIN READ - 26 Jul 2017

Our SMS API connects with various software which send requests to deliver messages to millions of devices. Yet as no software is perfect, there have been cases where we have received requests to send an unusual number of messages from one account. Typically, this is a clear signal that a client’s system has a glitch and is sending messages that they did not plan on sending. While our goal is to deliver every SMS, we have a system in place to prevent looped messages from occurring.

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5 Fundamentals to selecting an A2P provider

- 1 MIN READ - 18 Jul 2017

Making an informed and educated decision when choosing a messaging partner requires navigation in the application-to-person (A2P) ecosystem. Asking the right questions early is the basis for avoiding costly mistakes and having a strong partnership. These five fundamental features will help you build a framework for asking questions and guide a structured conversation when shopping for an A2P vendor

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Yet another hack that 2FA could have prevented: 8tracks

- 1 MIN READ - 11 Jul 2017

The irony here is uncanny.

8tracks, a social internet radio service, recently announced a data breach, losing a copy of their user database, which includes email addresses and passwords. While 8tracks ensures their users that passwords are encrypted, hashed, and salted, they still recommend that users change their passwords with their service. Their CEO also moved on to explaining that their (over) 18 million users “refrain from using the same password across multiple sites,” use a password manager, and user two-factor authentication.

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Preventing fraud in online brokerage accounts

- 1 MIN READ - 10 Jul 2017

Who do you trust with your money?

Unauthorized access to accounts in the online trading industry should never be taken lightly and definitely leads to malicious or criminal activity, which not only concerns personal user data, but also financial transactions and the safekeeping clients’ money.  

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An easy way to ensure confidentiality: Flash SMS

- 1 MIN READ - 03 Jul 2017

SMS has some tricks up its sleeve. While familiar to most as a simple communication tool, SMS also provides solutions for both confidential and time sensitive situations. This is where flash SMS comes into play.

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How we help with the regulations of global messaging

- 1 MIN READ - 26 Jun 2017

Forgoing the need to integrate network operators everywhere you need messages delivered is one of the main advantages of using a global messaging platform. Each connection includes legalities, which includes reviewing several agreements and negotiating terms, and technical tasks, like setting up the connections. So, a single company going through this process on their own would invest a lot of time doing things that have already been done by a messaging platform. Also, the company would end up with higher pricing from network operators, as it has much less traffic.

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Your sales lab time is scarce

- 1 MIN READ - 20 Jun 2017

In the series about sales research, I touched upon allocating about 30% of your research time on finding new ideas and possibilities around sales tactics. But how do you actually do it and what do you look for?

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An open letter to financial institutions from Yuriy

- 1 MIN READ - 09 Jun 2017

To the bank, credit card company, and investment firm I work with: I trust you. I really do.

If I didn’t, I wouldn’t put my hard-earned money in your hands. While I’m not a Certified Financial Analyst, I am financially savvy, so I understand that we have a mutually beneficial relationship. From a high-level, banks use the money I deposit to sell loans and invest in other financial instruments. Credit card companies make money on interest charges, other fees, and transaction fees from merchants. The brokerage firm makes money through fees on my account. On the other hand, all I expect is that you are honest about your services, provide returns, and keep my money safe.

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Centralizing SMS operations and why you should consider it

- 1 MIN READ - 07 Jun 2017

Centralization /(sɛntrəlʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/ noun - the action or process of bringing activities together in one place.

In the era of globalization and communication through technology, businesses no longer have borders and it's very common for companies to offer services from Germany to Zimbabwe, in multiple markets, and different continents. However, offering services in multiple countries leads to cooperating with a longer, more complicated list of partners.

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Not using the API? Take advantage of our web tool.

- 1 MIN READ - 05 Jun 2017

For those customers who choose not to integrate our API into their systems, Messente provide an option to send SMS messages through our dashboard via our web tool. SMS messages can be sent to individual phone numbers, or to bulk groups --here’s how it’s done. 

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How do I choose one partner for all SMS services?

- 1 MIN READ - 31 May 2017

Despite the straightforward question, comparing services objectively can be very complex, as they cover a wide range of specifics, often requiring specialized knowledge. Luckily, there are several best practices to follow.

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Immediate and time critical communication with SMS messages

- 1 MIN READ - 29 May 2017

Timeliness is key with client communication. Whether informing them of the status of a transaction, a change in service, or drawing attention to a critical aspect of the business (such as a late payment,) it is crucial to have the highest possibility of reaching the client as quickly as possible.

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Implementing 2FA the right way and more

- 1 MIN READ - 22 May 2017

Picking Passwords

Do you use the same password for multiple online services? I know I did. I also used to have a list of about five passwords with various complexity, which were used depending on the service. Then, I changed my behavior.

Using the same password (or pool of passwords) is definitely not secure. If your password and username, which is usually your email address, leaks from one web service, all other service using the same combination are immediately compromised.

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Vendor consolidation affects the bottom line

- 1 MIN READ - 12 May 2017

The idea of vendor or supplier consolidation is not new, although it tends to be a fad every few years. It’s as if every time a new type of product or service is created, or variation thereof, businesses onboard a new vendor partner. Eventually, someone in the business (usually in accounting) realizes that they’re paying a lot of different bills for similar products and service, and sends the business down a path of consolidation. While the benefits of consolidation seem obvious, drawbacks do exist, especially with software partners.

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Empower the business with real time message tracking

- 1 MIN READ - 05 May 2017

Transparency is an important principle we have always followed while developing Messente’s messaging platform. Our philosophy of transparency is to give our clients and partners full access to all information regarding their messages and delivery quality. The paramount component of transparency is the ability to track every single message in a real time.

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Digging for Gold - Part 3

- 1 MIN READ - 28 Apr 2017

This is the third and final installment of, “Digging for Gold,” thoughts and ideas on B2B sales research and prospecting. If you have not yet read part 1 and part 2, they’re quick reads, so catch up!

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Digging for gold part 2

- 1 MIN READ - 22 Mar 2017

This is a continuation from the previous article and focuses on the methods of research and how to find leads.

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Messente meets Zapier

- 1 MIN READ - 17 Mar 2017

Messente meets Zapier - integration to hundreds of web services in minutes.

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Digging for Gold

- 1 MIN READ - 21 Feb 2017

What to look for in sales research

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Messente API official python library

- 1 MIN READ - 30 Nov 2016

Our collection of API libraries now include official Python language support.

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Messente 10 keys for a successful industry event

- 1 MIN READ - 23 Nov 2016

The number of different industry events has grown a lot over the last years so picking the right one to attend can be a huge task. From location to pricing and from speakers to booth options - there are a lot to consider before committing yourself to a selected few to tackle.

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What is 2FA and why should you use it.

- 1 MIN READ - 23 Aug 2016

Past years have raised quite a few alarms for a lot of people and making them question the level of security of their online data. Just recently over 100 million LinkedIn usernames and passwords stolen in 2012 appeared online and one of the largest online dating sites suffered a large scale breach with 25GB of critical data including user information was stolen. These are just two out of too many hacks that clearly demonstrate how easy it is to take control of your personal data.

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Meet Messente at ConhIT

- 1 MIN READ - 18 Apr 2016

Messente is coming to ConhIT - Europe’s leading industry event for healthcare IT held in Berlin from 19 - 21st of April.

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Increase sales with SMS and Google Analytics

- 1 MIN READ - 28 Sep 2015

SMS is a great tool for marketing campaigns - it’s cost efficient, with one of the highest conversion rates, and it’s super simple to get started. That all sounds great, but it is vital to monitor the traffic, as well to understand how did the users carry out what you planned for them to do on your site.

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Secure or User-Friendly Authentication?

- 1 MIN READ - 14 Jul 2015

According to Gartner by the end of 2017 around 50% of businesses will choose cloud-based services as the preferred option for authentication (up from about 20% today).

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Why SMS is the Future of Retail

- 1 MIN READ - 09 May 2016

Sure, SMS might be old, but it’s a newly-accepted retail solution. If you’re trying to keep your balance in the industry, you need to innovate. Today’s retail marketers are getting creative, and they’re rolling out astounding deals through text messages.

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How to make good hiring decisions.

- 1 MIN READ - 12 Apr 2016

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Interview on the future of SMS

- 1 MIN READ - 01 Mar 2016

I was recently asked to give my opinion on transaction- based messaging, SMS finding it's place among platforms like WhatsApp or Viber and SMS messaging best practices.

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Meet Messente at #MWC2016

- 1 MIN READ - 18 Feb 2016

Our team will be attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. One of the most important topics for us this year will be showcasing our phone number authentication solutions.

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2-step verification for Messente login

- 1 MIN READ - 17 Feb 2016

Starting from today you can make your login to Messente a lot more secure by enabling 2-step verification using your phone.

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Phone number verification widget

- 1 MIN READ - 03 Feb 2016

We’re very excited to bring you our latest upgrade to Messente’s 2-step verification products - the phone number verification widget. It’s a tool which makes user authentication and phone number verification completely plug and play for developers.

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The 12 Days of Christmas - giving the final boost to holiday sales

- 1 MIN READ - 08 Dec 2015

Based on the latest surveys on retail consumers' intentions and reactions we offer three simple thoughts how to be top of mind for the last decisive weeks of this year’s Christmas rush.

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Impact of SMS in P2P and Fintech

- 1 MIN READ - 04 Dec 2015

A2P messaging is steadily growing among FinTech and P2P industries as they use it in various service processes. The key growth driver for the global A2P SMS market is the increasing number of businesses who are starting to use transaction and post-transaction confirmation notifications and security based one time PIN codes (2-step verification).

Based on our experience with P2P platforms and FinTech companies, these are most common ways SMS messages are used in the service process.

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Total Dashboard Overhaul

- 1 MIN READ - 29 Oct 2015

You may have already noticed that Messente's web interface had a major facelift today. Off with the dark design and on with the modern fresh look.

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First and last mile logistics: How SMS drives your competitive advantage

- 1 MIN READ - 30 Jun 2015

Here are a few tips to streamline your first and last mile logistics communication.

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Free SMS Length Calculator Libraries

- 1 MIN READ - 15 Jun 2015

Let's admit it - sms length calculation is complicated. This is why we made an open-source SMS length calculator library.

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sometimes, it's better to pay more

- 1 MIN READ - 04 Jun 2015

Every company, whether it's a start-up or a large enterprise, is built to earn profits. This means that all companies are looking to find ways how to optimize running costs, and still be better than competition.

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Top 3 useful tools for our SMS messaging API

- 1 MIN READ - 06 May 2015

Top 3 useful tools for our SMS messaging API

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How About Some Customer Service?

- 1 MIN READ - 28 Apr 2015

Take a moment and think about the last time you had very positive customer service experience.

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Mobile Operators are moving towards unified OTT messaging apps

- 1 MIN READ - 24 Mar 2015

After Apple introduced a modern smartphone to the world in 2007, having internet connection and a camera on your phone has become a standard on smartphones. This is where the downfall of SMS messaging started.

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Every business needs to know about data protection

- 1 MIN READ - 24 Feb 2015

Recent high-profile data breaches have become a permanent concern to many private and public organizations.

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What is 2-step verification and why should you care?

- 1 MIN READ - 11 Feb 2015

One of the key trends of 2015 for web apps and services will likely be a much wider adoption of 2-step verification.

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On great support

- 1 MIN READ - 13 Jan 2015

For any company customer service and keeping all users happy is a big priority. Which is probably why a lot has been written about it.

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Easy tips and tricks how to improve your notification SMS

- 1 MIN READ - 16 Dec 2014

TOP 4 tips for better notification messages.

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Why should your service consider 2-step authentication?

- 1 MIN READ - 02 Dec 2014

Security is a growing concern to many companies when their clients need to login and handle confidential information. The more data we use online, the more possible data leaks there is.

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Boost your Christmas promotion campaign

- 1 MIN READ - 18 Nov 2014

Did you know that the number of online searches like “perfect christmas present“ or “dress for christmas party” start increasing in numbers right after Halloween?

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Application To Person (A2P) Messaging Market On The Rise

- 1 MIN READ - 02 Nov 2014

Traditional Person To Person (P2P) messaging saw a decline for the first time last year, conversely to quickly growing popularity of various Over The Top (OTT) messaging services like WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage etc.

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POST-EXPO 2014 in Sweden, Stockholm.

- 1 MIN READ - 07 Oct 2014

Messente team visited one of the largest postal services conference in Europe called POST-EXPO 2014 in Stockholm.

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Simple and easy tools for remote work

- 1 MIN READ - 23 Sep 2014

In Messente we like tools that are dead simple and easy to integrate.

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5 questions to ask yourself about SMS sending

- 1 MIN READ - 09 Sep 2014

5 questions to ask yourself about SMS sending.

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How to Whitelist IP Address Range for Messente API

- 1 MIN READ - 27 Aug 2014

How to Whitelist IP Address Range for Messente API

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Managing your account

- 1 MIN READ - 17 Jul 2014

Managing your Messente account

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Top 3 Messente features that help you save money

- 1 MIN READ - 30 Jun 2014

Top 3 Messente features that help you save money

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Need help? Let’s chat!

- 1 MIN READ - 15 Jun 2014

Deep down in Messente’s laboratories our team of scientists work around the clock to provide you with new and groovy ways to reach your customers and get more of SMS messaging.

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Hacking SMS text to fit more content

- 1 MIN READ - 01 Jun 2014

I would like to share some secret tricks we have been using for years to increase usable sms content length.

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Secure and auditable SMS service

- 1 MIN READ - 04 May 2014

Secure and auditable SMS service

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Hacking Simplicity

- 1 MIN READ - 06 Apr 2014

A fairly smart guy, Albert Einstein, once said that things should be made as simple as possible… but not any simpler.

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Improve Your SMS Campaigns In Four Simple Steps

- 1 MIN READ - 25 Mar 2014

Last week I got sms from my local shopping center, telling me about upcoming event called “beauty night”. Instantly I had three ideas how they could have made it better.

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SMS in Financial Services

- 1 MIN READ - 10 Mar 2014

SMS messaging is a powerful mobile communication tool that allows financial service institutions to interact with their customers in a cost-effective, timely way.

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User Authentication and What SMS Has To Do With It

- 1 MIN READ - 26 Jan 2014

Here at Messente we know how important it is to manage authentication within your applications, while keeping the logic clean and possibly automated.

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Why HTTP API is so much better compared to SMPP protocol

- 1 MIN READ - 12 Jan 2014

SMPP has long been industry standard for sending SMS over the Internet but HTTP API’s have quietly made it’s way to the top.

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How to send customized SMS messages via Messente webplatform?

- 1 MIN READ - 29 Dec 2013

We all know the importance and quality of interaction brands can receive by communicating with their customers via SMS message.

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What is SMS Sender ID?

- 1 MIN READ - 18 Nov 2013

SMS Sender ID (also referred as to SMS Sender Name) is the information that is displayed to the recipient as the sender of the SMS when a message is received at a mobile device.

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Quick tutorial: How to use hyperlinks in SMS

- 1 MIN READ - 03 Nov 2013

Adding a link to SMS message is an smart and easy way how to engage and send information to your customers.

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Top 5 Most Common Mistakes When Implementing SMS Messaging API

- 1 MIN READ - 20 Oct 2013

Implementing SMS messaging to your existing web app is always a hassle and takes some time to get everything right.

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How to format phone numbers?

- 1 MIN READ - 22 Sep 2013

Since SMS messaging helps many to connect with their customers around the world, also standardized phone number format is used for sending SMS internationally, thus helping you to reach mobile subscribers globally.

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How to start SMS marketing

- 1 MIN READ - 07 Sep 2013

How to start SMS marketing?

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Fine tuning SMS communication for your brand

- 1 MIN READ - 09 Aug 2013

Fine tuning SMS communication for your brand.

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Growing number of mobile devices

- 1 MIN READ - 30 Jul 2013

Have you noticed that in past few years we hear less and less about personal computers and laptops, while at the same time the mobile industry updates are big part of our daily news?

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WebRTC – new protocol to look out for

- 1 MIN READ - 25 Jul 2013

WebRTC – new protocol to look out for

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Contact Management Made Easy

- 1 MIN READ - 11 Jul 2013

Contact Management Made Easy

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How simple SMS makes our life easier

- 1 MIN READ - 01 Jul 2013

SMS is so well known and often used that I think most of us take it as self-evident and really dont think about how does this little 20 year old technical feature make our life easier.

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Importing contacts from iPhone

- 1 MIN READ - 15 May 2013

Importing contacts from iPhone

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SMS for enterprises in a global scale

- 1 MIN READ - 03 May 2013

In today’s increasingly connected world SMS has evolved from a conception to an enterprise necessity.

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Importing contacts from an Android phone

- 1 MIN READ - 30 Apr 2013

Importing contacts from an Android phone

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Getting sender name approved

- 1 MIN READ - 22 Apr 2013

Here is a short list of what you should keep in mind when requesting a sender name. Following a few simple rules will get your sender name approved in no time.

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Instant access to new sender names

- 1 MIN READ - 11 Apr 2013

Instant access to new sender names

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Home automation with SMS

- 1 MIN READ - 07 Apr 2013

There are many things at home that you could automate and make your life easier.

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Analyzing delivery information

- 1 MIN READ - 24 Mar 2013

Every minute Messente delivers a considerable number of last minute alerts, appointment notifications and booking confirmations.

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Imagine all the people being connected

- 1 MIN READ - 10 Mar 2013

Have you ever wondered how many people actually own or use mobile phone?

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Why we love SMS text messages

- 1 MIN READ - 10 Feb 2013

As you might know, SMS had last year very important birthday – 20 year in business anniversary!

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Uses of SMS you may have forgotten

- 1 MIN READ - 27 Jan 2013

Before smartphones conquered the world of mobile phones, SMS was widely used for more than sending regular SMS text messages.

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SMS length calculator

- 1 MIN READ - 10 Dec 2012

Did you know that some characters decrease SMS length dramatically?

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Two decades of SMS continuance

- 1 MIN READ - 30 Nov 2012

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Quick API tutorial

- 1 MIN READ - 27 Nov 2012

Integrating Messente SMS sending API to your current framework is very easy. Here is a small tutorial to get you started with Messente API.

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Why some messages do not get delivered

- 1 MIN READ - 06 Nov 2012

TOP 5 reasons, why SMS or text messages fail to get delivered.

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I keep getting the SMS – stop it!

- 1 MIN READ - 30 Oct 2012

From time to time there are problems with SMS delivery that are out of our hands and receiving one SMS multiple times is one of the most annoying one.

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Send notification SMS from command line

- 1 MIN READ - 18 Oct 2012

Ability to send out notification SMS can be most invaluable to system administrators, as it allows to send urgent notifications to admins with ease.

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Different Sender addresses of SMS messages

- 1 MIN READ - 02 Oct 2012

Sender name (also known as Sender ID, Originator, Sender address) is the number or name that appears as the sender of text message.

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Sending SMS to USA and Canada

- 1 MIN READ - 17 Apr 2012

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On permission

- 1 MIN READ - 25 Oct 2011

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Short messaging and customer care

- 1 MIN READ - 21 Oct 2010

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Making payments in Messente

- 1 MIN READ - 08 Sep 2010

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Underlying drivers of GLobal SMS traffic

- 1 MIN READ - 25 Apr 2017

In a recent article (it's in Estonian, but you'll get the gist of it in this blog,) Tele2 - a local mobile network operator in the Baltics - highlighted a few interesting trends about the growth and decline of certain types of SMS messaging traffic.

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Certificate Update for

- 1 MIN READ - 15 Mar 2016

Current HTTPS certificate will be updated on 24th March 2016.

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Official JAVA library for Messente API

- 1 MIN READ - 25 Jan 2016

New official JAVA library for Messente API

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Meet Messente at Messaging and SMS World conference 2015

- 1 MIN READ - 24 Nov 2015

Come and meet Messente at this years Messaging and SMS World conference in London, UK (1st - 2nd December).

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New feature: dashboard notifications

- 1 MIN READ - 11 Nov 2015

We're happy to introduce a new feature on you brand new Messente dashboard - the notifications area

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Messente launches 2-step verification API

- 1 MIN READ - 04 Mar 2015

Messente launches 2-step verification API

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Meet Messente at #MWC2015

- 1 MIN READ - 03 Feb 2015

Once again Barcelona is the place to be when you are in the mobile world for the annual Mobile World Congress is in just a few weeks.

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Certificate Update for API Server on 15. November 2014

- 1 MIN READ - 10 Nov 2014

Current HTTPS certificate will expire on 15. November 2014.

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Security Notification – SSLv3 POODLE Vulnerability

- 1 MIN READ - 20 Oct 2014

On 14th October the OpenSSL team reported that version 3 of Secure Sockets Layer (SSLv3) is vulnerable at protocol level – called P OODLE attack (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption).

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Join the team

- 1 MIN READ - 21 Apr 2014

We are hiring developers who would help us build and develop Messente.

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Happy birthday, Messente!

- 1 MIN READ - 23 Feb 2014

Messente is moving fast – over the past year we have doubled in the number of messages. But for the year of 2014, we are excited to aim even higher.

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Introducing Live Chat

- 1 MIN READ - 04 Feb 2014

This January, live support chat was added to Messente in order to make asking questions a breeze. We are really excited about this!

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Say Hi to Margus

- 1 MIN READ - 27 Nov 2013

Margus joined Messente’s sales team earlier this week.

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Rolling out the redesigned header bar

- 1 MIN READ - 19 Aug 2013

Earlier today we launched a small update which changes the way Messente’s header looks and feels.

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Join our sales team

- 1 MIN READ - 04 Aug 2013

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Microsoft.NET library for Messente API

- 1 MIN READ - 04 Jun 2013

Yesterday Imre from Nortal shared his Microsoft.NET client API for sending SMS messages to mobile phones using services provided by Messente.

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Archive upgraded

- 1 MIN READ - 03 Jun 2013

You have probably noticed that Messente’s archive has a brand new look and feel.

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Fortumo welcomes new shareholders

- 1 MIN READ - 21 Feb 2013

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Recap of 2012

- 1 MIN READ - 13 Jan 2013

We took a quick look back at 2012 seeing how Messente has evolved during the past year. Here are a few improvements.

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Introducing the new payment flow

- 1 MIN READ - 13 Nov 2012

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Messente gets a new look

- 1 MIN READ - 04 Sep 2012

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Say hi to Kaur

- 1 MIN READ - 25 Aug 2011

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Welcome to Messente!

- 1 MIN READ - 24 Aug 2010

Welcome to Messente - a brand new group SMS messaging platform that enters public beta today.

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