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What is an SMS Sender ID?

- 1 MIN READ - 26 Mar 2019

SMS Sender ID (also referred as to SMS Sender Name) is the information that is displayed to the recipient as the sender of the SMS when a message is received at a mobile device.

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How to Fit More Content into an SMS

- 1 MIN READ - 26 Mar 2019

I would like to share some secret tricks we have been using for years to increase usable sms content length.

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5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself About SMS Sending

- 1 MIN READ - 05 Mar 2019

5 questions to ask yourself about SMS sending.

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5 Simple Things to Do for Easy SMS API Integration

- 1 MIN READ - 04 Mar 2019

Implementing SMS messaging to your existing web app is always a hassle and takes some time to get everything right.

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How to Use Hyperlinks in SMS

- 1 MIN READ - 31 Jan 2019

Adding a link to SMS message is an smart and easy way how to engage and send information to your customers.

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10 Reasons Why Some Messages Don't Get Delivered

- 1 MIN READ - 29 Jan 2019

TOP 5 reasons, why SMS or text messages fail to get delivered.

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Why SMS is the Future of Retail

- 1 MIN READ - 09 May 2016

Sure, SMS might be old, but it’s a newly-accepted retail solution. If you’re trying to keep your balance in the industry, you need to innovate. Today’s retail marketers are getting creative, and they’re rolling out astounding deals through text messages.

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How to make good hiring decisions.

- 1 MIN READ - 12 Apr 2016

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Interview on the future of SMS

- 1 MIN READ - 01 Mar 2016

I was recently asked to give my opinion on transaction- based messaging, SMS finding it's place among platforms like WhatsApp or Viber and SMS messaging best practices.

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Meet Messente at #MWC2016

- 1 MIN READ - 18 Feb 2016

Our team will be attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. One of the most important topics for us this year will be showcasing our phone number authentication solutions.

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