sometimes, it's better to pay more

I have often come across companies who are looking to save money on messaging service by splitting quarter of cents and are ready to risk losing in delivery quality. At first you might think it will save you few tens or hundreds of euros per month, depending on size of your traffic. 

Using low prices usually means your messages are sent via third party connections or SIM farms where there are no interconnection fees calculated in the price. Nowadays, when operators are starting to protect their networks and filtering incoming traffic, that means that these low cost routes, also known as LCR, simply don’t work anymore and your messages will have a poor delivery quality.

So if you take a closer look and analyze what cutting back on quality might cause, then you have a question – is the money you saved worth it?

  • Service quality – whenever your messages are not being delivered then it will effect your level of service quality and will have negative image among your users. 

  • More work for your support team – users who were expecting to receive PIN codes, reminders, or notifications will eventually approach your costumer support team, so this means more work for them.

  • Pay for undelivered messages – usually you still have to pay for undelivered messages if you don’t have a different kind of agreement.

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