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Startup Conferences: What’s the point? (Slush 2017)

- 1 MIN READ - 20 Oct 2017

With Slush coming up in about a month, it’s a good time ponder the purpose of large startup conferences. Many entrepreneurs head to conferences, like Slush, around the world and throughout the year looking for investments from venture capitalists and angel investors, yet there’s a lot more to gain from startup conferences. Think about it: there will be over 17,000 motivated and creative people in one place at one time. Get creative and gain as much as you can out of the experience.

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The economics behind undelivered, failed SMS messages    

- 1 MIN READ - 17 Oct 2017

The cost and full impact of undelivered or failed messages isn’t immediately clear. The financial impact is not simply the combination of the failed SMS and the cost to resend the message, which isn’t very much at times. There are other indirect costs that result from undelivered SMS messages that matter from a financial perspective. Let’s take a deeper look into the ripple effect of undelivered messages, which make the reasons behind our focus on SMS delivery quality even more clear.

Here are a few examples.

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Fraud and Security: 2FA Considerations for PSD2

- 1 MIN READ - 10 Oct 2017

The second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is less than three months away from enforcement. While the regulation’s text is lengthy, a key component of the law is its extended reach in comparison to the first directive. PSD2 applies to all payment service providers and affiliates, including account information service providers and payment initiation service providers. In addition, the law applies when at least one part of the transaction is in the European Union. This means that payment service providers and their affiliates outside of the EU must comply with the law when the payer is in the EU. The additional geographical reach guarantees the same level of security expectations for all EU residents regardless of the location of the payment service provider.

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Tools to avoid breaking the budget with SMS - Part 2

- 1 MIN READ - 03 Oct 2017

In a previous blog post we discussed a few tools to help avoid breaking the budget and how they help save money when sending SMS messages through our platform. Another important aspect of the budget is knowing how much you have spent and how much you still must spend. We have two main ways to help, one for pre-pay accounts and one for post-pay accounts (with the API only.)

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Routing systems matter and make an impact. Here's why.

- 1 MIN READ - 26 Sep 2017

SMS routes and connections are the core of delivering SMS messages. It’s like a neocortex; where connections help SMS messages move between endpoints and applications. Also, similarly to connections in the brain, there are stronger and weaker connections. Stronger connections are shorter, meaning less mid-points, or none. Weaker connections have multiple mid-points where information can get lost.

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Sent, Delivered, Failed, Undelivered - What's the difference?

- 1 MIN READ - 19 Sep 2017

As with any service, product, tool, or feature used, certain terminology comes along with it. This can get quite confusing when the terms used seem familiar, but are used to describe events that aren’t.

Such is the case with SMS delivery statuses, and mainly the four mentioned in the heading. Here is a quick run-down of what they mean and why they’re important:

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Secure all accounts with 2FA using a single app

- 1 MIN READ - 18 Sep 2017

Messente’s two-factor authentication mobile app is officially here for iOS and Android devices.

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Burden on businesses with new EU data security law

- 1 MIN READ - 12 Sep 2017

Over four years in the making, it was finally completed in April 2016.

As technology became more integrated into our lives, personal data, security, and privacy have been a hot topic. Last January, the long process of creating and agreeing on new legislation designed to reform the legal framework for ensuring the rights of EU citizens to a private life was completed, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – Regulation (EU) 2016/679) was born.

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Does it make sense to regulate interconnection fees?

- 1 MIN READ - 05 Sep 2017

We’ve seen all kinds of countries and market situations at Messente –from Europe to Latin America, to Southeast Asia. The telecommunications industry landscape is unique in every market, but there are patterns.

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Why SMS throughput and priority is important

- 1 MIN READ - 29 Aug 2017

Throughput is a term used to describe how many messages can be sent per second. For example, a throughput of 10 messages per second suggests an SMS connection can submit (and receive an acknowledgement) for up to 10 SMS messages per second.

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