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Underlying reasons for trends in SMS traffic

- 1 MIN READ - 25 Apr 2017

In a recent article (it's in Estonian, but you'll get the gist of it in this blog,) Tele2 - a local mobile network operator in the Baltics - highlighted a few interesting trends about the growth or decline of certain types of messaging traffic.

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Digging for gold part 2

- 1 MIN READ - 22 Mar 2017

This is a continuation from the previous article and focuses on the methods of research and how to find leads.

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Messente meets Zapier

- 1 MIN READ - 17 Mar 2017

Messente meets Zapier - integration to hundreds of web services in minutes.

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Digging for Gold

- 1 MIN READ - 21 Feb 2017

What to look for in sales research

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Messente API official python library

- 1 MIN READ - 30 Nov 2016

Our collection of API libraries now include official Python language support.

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Messente 10 keys for a successful industry event

- 1 MIN READ - 23 Nov 2016

The number of different industry events has grown a lot over the last years so picking the right one to attend can be a huge task. From location to pricing and from speakers to booth options - there are a lot to consider before committing yourself to a selected few to tackle.

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What is 2FA and why should you use it.

- 1 MIN READ - 23 Aug 2016

Past years have raised quite a few alarms for a lot of people and making them question the level of security of their online data. Just recently over 100 million LinkedIn usernames and passwords stolen in 2012 appeared online and one of the largest online dating sites suffered a large scale breach with 25GB of critical data including user information was stolen. These are just two out of too many hacks that clearly demonstrate how easy it is to take control of your personal data.

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Meet Messente at ConhIT

- 1 MIN READ - 18 Apr 2016

Messente is coming to ConhIT - Europe’s leading industry event for healthcare IT held in Berlin from 19 - 21st of April.

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Increase sales with SMS and Google Analytics

- 1 MIN READ - 28 Sep 2015

SMS is a great tool for marketing campaigns - it’s cost efficient, with one of the highest conversion rates, and it’s super simple to start with. That all sounds great, but it is vital to monitor the traffic as well to understand how did the users carry out what you planned for them to do on your site.

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Secure or User-Friendly Authentication?

- 1 MIN READ - 14 Jul 2015

According to Gartner by the end of 2017 around 50% of businesses will choose cloud-based services as the preferred option for authentication (up from about 20% today).

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