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Have you met 1oT? Mobile data connectivity for IoT companies.

- 1 MIN READ - 24 Apr 2018

Last week, Lauri wrote a good piece about keeping things real, because businesses have simple business models at their core. As one of our values, simplicity has led Messente to build a reliable and powerful SMS API and user authentication API for businesses and brands to communicate with their customers globally.

While we pride ourselves in doing global A2P SMS and 2FA very well, one of our sister companies, 1oT, uses a similar methodology of simplicity to do global internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity really well.

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A note on keeping things real

- 1 MIN READ - 17 Apr 2018

Over the years, I've had the good fortune of talking to and doing business with many entrepreneurs and CEOs from a variety of industries. Some are first-time founders of small startups, while others are amazingly experienced serial entrepreneurs. Many of them are extremely successful in what they do.

So naturally, while listening to them talk about their businesses, I've always tried to spot any fundamental takeaways –the small drops of universal business advice distilled from those hundreds of conversations.

And it seems to me that a lot of the most profound business truths seem to point to a direction that I would call, "keeping it real.”

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Next-generation Omnichannel API is well underway

- 1 MIN READ - 10 Apr 2018

Over the last few months we’ve been setting the direction of our Omnichannel messaging API and our development team has started working on it. Considering transparency, we wanted to share the progress we’ve made on the API and give our clients something to look forward to, as well as helping clients prepare their systems for the next generation of our A2P messaging API.

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You're protected from the pitfalls of grey routes

- 1 MIN READ - 03 Apr 2018

“Grey routes” is a loosely used term in the telecommunications industry. Frankly, the industry-specific meaning of grey routes is useless to most of our clients. Brands and businesses send messages to their customers and they expect those messages to be delivered, which is what our SMS API does well.

However, it’s important to understand the premise of grey routes, because they affect SMS service quality, an important topic to us and we hope is important to businesses that use A2P SMS APIs.

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Announcing preliminary plans for the Dashboard!

- 1 MIN READ - 27 Mar 2018

Our development team is always hunkered down, working on our APIs to create better communication and verification products for our customers. While most of our work is on the backend –things customers don’t really see –the work shows.  

Last year, we made major enhancements to our verification and two-factor authentication solution, and we introduced Verigator, our 2FA mobile app.  

This year we’re focusing on omnichannel messaging (more on that later,) but first we’re going to give our online dashboard an upgrade –an upgrade focused on even more transparency and user experience.

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How does Verigator make 2FA better?

- 1 MIN READ - 20 Mar 2018

Let’s face it. Two-factor authentication is still widely under-used. Google painted an alarming picture: 90% of its Gmail users haven’t enabled 2FA in any form.  

That’s nuts. Gmail has 1.2 billion active users and most of them don’t use anything more than a password to protect their accounts. But email accounts aren’t the only concern –what about everything else? Internet users average (globally) over 90 online accounts. Americans have an average of 130 online accounts and people in the UK have 118 online accounts.  

It only takes one hijacked account or account breach to have an impact on someone’s life and become costly for businesses.  

Businesses know they must put in the effort to protect their users –and GDPR mandates it. Yet UI/UX developers and product owners walk a fine line between user experience and securing their customers.

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Learn more about one of the strongest customer communication channels

- 1 MIN READ - 13 Mar 2018

Brands and product managers adopt SMS messaging because it has become one of the most effective ways to communicate and connect with customers. For example, Ad Exchange recently reported that online retailer experienced 100% open rates and 20% click-through rates with SMS.

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Most notable takeaways in the industry from MWC 2018

- 1 MIN READ - 06 Mar 2018

We're back from Mobile World Congress –the largest mobile technology event in the world –and it's time to categorize all the bits of information acquired during the roughly 60 meetings our team collectively had in Barcelona.

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We made it to the Inc. 5000 Europe list amidst MWC 2018!

- 1 MIN READ - 28 Feb 2018

We shipped part of our team to Barcelona this week to connect with the global mobile tech community, showcase our messaging platform, and spot trends in the global SMS messaging industry.

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Emojis and SMS APIs. What gives? Here's how to do it.

- 1 MIN READ - 27 Feb 2018

Remember the days when you sent “;)” in a text message when you were being facetious with a friend or flirting with someone? Well, unbeknownst to me, that’s not cool anymore because emojis illustrate emotion much better than emoticons since they’re actual pictures (emojis and emoticons are not the same thing.)

I’ll probably still use emoticons because I’m old school, and it’s much easier to type a colon and parenthesis than thumb through emojis –I digress.

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