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Municipalities take advantage of SMS to help people

- 1 MIN READ - 16 Feb 2018

The humble SMS is a widely used tool and as such it is no miracle that municipalities use it widely as well. With high delivery, open rates and the majority of SMS opened within the first 3 minutes, there are few other means of communication that can reach people as fast and as reliably. Not to mention that the SMS works with any device, so recipients don’t have to have an internet-connected smartphone.

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Where is the industry actually headed? WhatsApp, RCS, and more.

- 1 MIN READ - 13 Feb 2018

The enterprise messaging space is full of innovative solutions. Some of them find their place in the mix of communication channels. Some of them quickly fade away and make room for others.

While Facebook Messenger has transformed how small businesses communicate with their customers, the short-lived MMS is one of the most notable technologies of the past that did not live up to expectations.

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Central log management and why it really matters

- 1 MIN READ - 06 Feb 2018

It’s a well-known fact that without logging we don’t really understand if our systems are functioning properly. Or worse, if something goes wrong, it’s next-to-impossible to understand why.  

However, today’s software architecture is more modularized as opposed to a more monolithic approach employed in the past. Individual applications are now often isolated into application containers (e.g. LXC, Docker) to decouple complex systems into more easily manageable chunks which can be easily deployed, replicated, secured and provisioned.

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Breaking down partnerships to the ridiculous

- 1 MIN READ - 26 Jan 2018

There are stark financial differences in using a global messaging provider, versus several geographically local service providers. These differences center around three areas of business: Procurement, operations management, and overall costs. And they can be quantified by the cost of time, issues with workarounds, missed opportunities for volume pricing, and the indirect costs of undelivered messages.

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Upgrades on the way! We want to be sure you're ready.

- 1 MIN READ - 25 Jan 2018

Attention! We’re making significant upgrades to our APIs and there are technical updates that may affect service. Please read this to see what you may need to do to avoid any lapses in service!

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How to understand partner compliance for your own good

- 1 MIN READ - 23 Jan 2018

An important aspect of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR,) which is easily overlooked, is potential liability from third parties who handle your customer data. If a data breach is caused by a partner, and your customer data is stolen, accounts are hijacked, or any other harm is done, substantial fines may be on their way –to your company.

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Consider this in the bidding process - Part 2

- 1 MIN READ - 16 Jan 2018

Continuing last week’s discussion around things that companies must consider when selecting a global SMS messaging partner through a formal request for proposal, or bid, here are three more critical variables to point out. Again, these are based on our experience of customers turning to us after they tried the lowest cost tender.

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Consider this in the bidding process - Part 1

- 1 MIN READ - 09 Jan 2018

Selecting an SMS provider from a pool of many can be daunting task. What should be considered when picking a partner? What are the variables?

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Personalized support and why there is no way around it

- 1 MIN READ - 02 Jan 2018

We often see client support packaged into software products, whether it includes general support tickets, to live chat, to dedicated account managers. And it comes with a cost to the software publisher, which is often passed on to the clients. As product features expand, support tends to suffer, with reply times increasing, quality of support declining, and costs expanding to solve service issues quickly. Eventually, the personal touch of client support fades.

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SMS boosts CRM services and it can't be overlooked

- 1 MIN READ - 19 Dec 2017

SMS messaging has become an expected feature in customer engagement platforms, which involves communicating information to people. Even more so when information sent to the client needs to be received immediately, rather than whenever they get around to opening their inbox on a busy Monday morning, buried underneath an avalanche of emails.

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