An easy way to add more confidentiality - hiding SMS content

As both of these features hide the original content on the dashboard and reports, no prying eyes (administrators, account users, the team at Messente) can see the information that has been sent. The origination of these features came from the request from one of our customers: A credit card provider.  

The content no-store API request would look similar to the following URL when generated by our API library:         …

The API request for content hashing, also a URL generated by our API library, will look like:…

The following photo displays the content in the dashboard. The first message is a regular SMS, the second is hashing, and the third is a no-store SMS.

While the content no-store parameter hides the information completely, the hashing parameter provides the ability connect messages with the time they were sent, using the original content.

Confidential content can be hidden from both the dashboard and reports. Combined with Flash SMS, the content doesn’t exist anywhere. This way, any sensitive information can be sent in a secure way, keeping passwords, PIN codes, and secret wishes from any and all ill-wishers.

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