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Tartu / Tallinn
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The most flexible platform helping businesses talk to their customers

We're fixing the internets-talking-to-actual-humans problem. So we have to find the right humans to make it happen. If that's you, awesome. Come join us on this journey.

What's the opportunity?

This position is far more than just coding nice-looking websites and making sure all the buttons work.
You will be an active contributor to the whole product range from the low-level APIs and admin panel up to public website user experience with the help of designers.

You'll be:
  • working with our designers to take our online dashboard to the next level of user experience (Python / PHP)
  • researching how to make the best of latest web technologies and keeping an eye on the security aspects
  • upgrading our public website to fresh designs (HTML + CSS + JS) and tweaking the site for SEO with our marketers
  • making sure the website loads reasonably fast, has working backups (nginx) and the SSL certificates are up to date
  • working closely with backend developers – creating, extending and improving various microservices (Python, nginx, PostgreSQL)
  • building monitoring services that keep tabs on our multi-million SMS sending machine
  • participating in the product roadmap – brainstorming and thinking a few years ahead

Where will I be working?

Most of our developers are in Messente's HQ in Tartu, however, we also have offices in Tallinn and Riga.

What happens when I hit "apply"?

  1. First, we will go through your CV, motivation letter, GitHub/LinkedIn profile - whichever you have provided in the application form.
  2. If we think we're a good match, we'll set a time to have a quick chat, face-to-face in one of our offices closest to you
  3. As we move further, we'll give you a small practical assignment to see if you like what you'd be doing and if the skillset matches. 
  4. And one final interview to address any of your questions and final details as the last step :)

We will communicate with you throughout the entire hiring process -- so once you've applied, you'll always get answers to your emails. We'll give you continuous feedback, share our thoughts, and keep you informed about next steps. 

This is how we roll:

  • We go out of our way to create a culture of learning and self-development.
  • You are free to work from whichever office you choose. Our HQ is in Tartu, we have also offices in Tallinn and Riga.
  • Flexible work hours and the opportunity to manage your own time reflect our commitment to making it easy to integrate your career with the rest of your life.
  • Fewer distractions, better focus - we have just once-a-week development meeting and that's it. If you need to discuss something, then just go and ask :)
  • Open vacation policy - no need to decide on your vacation plans at the beginning of the year.
  • We promote a healthy lifestyle and will cover your gym membership or any other recreational activity.
  • We have a fridge full of goodies 24/7 - you can always grab a snack if you feel low on fuel.
  • Last but not least - salary. We live in a competitive world so we pay competitive rates that recognize your efforts.

... or write directly to our CTO at

Messente is a fast-growing, profitable startup based in Estonia providing dead simple mobile messaging and user authentication services. In other words - we help large international businesses send notifications to their customers and we help online services to protect their users :)

Our clients are primarily based in Europe and include web applications, banks, hotels, airlines, retail chains, consumer brands and other businesses coming from a wide range of industries.

Messente is founded by Mobi Solutions, the company that launched Fortumo. Having the initial founders of Mobi and Fortumo as our advisors helps us grow and shape our products for the international client portfolio.