Removing User from Service

Sometimes you may want to remove a user from your Verigator Service, e.g you are deleting a user from your main service.

Request URL

Request to remove a user will be made to the following URL:


Where {ServiceId} and {UserId} in the URL will be replaced with your ServiceID and UserID.

Request headers
HTTP headerDescriptionRequired
X-Service-AuthRefer to authentication section on how to authenticate your API calls with Messente API username and passwordYes
Response body (JSON encoded)
HTTP Response Codes
STATUS codeValueDescription
202AcceptedUser successfully deleted
401Authentication required
Missing authentication headers (X-Service-Auth)
403ForbiddenForbidden request
404Not foundService or user with specified ids not found


from messente.verigator.api import Api

# Initialize API
api = Api("messente-api-username", "messente-api-password")

# Create your service
service ="my-service-id")

# Delete user from your Service
api.users.delete(, "+xxxxxxxxxxx", "username")
public static final String API_USERNAME = "";
public static final String API_PASSWORD = "";
public static final String VERIGATOR_SERVICE_ID = "";
public static final String VERIGATOR_USER_ID = "";

// Initialize the Verigator API with your Messente API credentials Verigator verigator = new Verigator(API_USERNAME, API_PASSWORD);
# Delete user from your Service Service service = new Service(VERIGATOR_SERVICE_ID, verigator);
User user = new User(service, VERIGATOR_USER_ID);