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Privacy Policy

Below is a description of how the data we gather from you as a visitor (hereinafter “the Visitor”, “you”, “visitor” or “Customer”) to our publicly-accessible website (hereinafter known as “Messente”, “Site”, “the Site”, “We” or “Us”) and other websites where this privacy policy (hereinafter “Policy” or “the Policy”) is posted, is used and how it is kept safe. Please review this Policy before using any part of the the Site as by using any part of the Site you hereby agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your information as outlined below.

  1. What kind of data is collected:
  2. How is the data collected used:
  3. We will not use the data from the Visitor for no other purposes than to provide and personalize services. We will not sell any information to any third parties.

Who We may share your data with:

  1. No personal information that is collected from the Visitors is disclosed unless explicit content is granted for such purposes. The exception done to this rule is when such information is required under a legal obligation as stated in section 3.b.
  2. In order to ensure the quality of the service and assess the service in regards to the site, Messente is using the following third-party services:

Messente Communications may also be able to access the device information.

  1. The information collected is stored within a password protected storage, such that the information is not accessible for any third parties. In addition the information is protected by a detailed log-in system.
  2. The Site uses cookies to identify visitors to the website and in order to track the usage pattern of the website and to build a demographic profile of the general usage of the Site.
  3. The Visitors have the right to ask for the Site to provide information, delete or make changes to the data collected. This is done by contacting Us via The data collected will not be deleted if there is a legal obligation to retain such data.
  4. Given the nature of the internet, data collected and processed requires the transformation on an international basis. By communicating with Us over electronically, the Visitor acknowledges that information provided during the communication may be processed outside of the European Economic Area, although the data itself will be stored with the requirements of Estonian data protection requirements.
  5. Please keep in mind that the Policy is subject to change from time to time. Last update to the Policy was made 07.07.2017
  6. Changes to the Policy. The Policy is revised over time. Any changes made to the Policy will be updated and the version of the Policy with the effective date shall be written at the bottom of the document. The customer is encouraged to check the effective dates of the Policy. The continued use of the Messente service shall be considered as an acceptance to all revisions of the Policy. If the customer shall not agree to any changes made, then the customer must cease to use the service and Messente shall not be obliged to offer any services to the customer.