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Modernize the way you deliver insurance data

  • Send claim reports
  • Confirm identities with OTPs
  • Use links and branded senders
Insurance companies across Europe use Messente to send their business-critical messages

Update your legacy messaging system

The world is changing fast — and your data delivery models need to change with it. Messente lets you send messages to customers all over the world in a safe, secure, and reliable way.

Simplify your messaging infrastructure

Crystal-clear API documentation transforms a legacy messaging system into a modern machine.

Cut messaging costs

Competitive prices and higher delivery rates mean you can send fewer messages for less.

Improve the customer experience

Grow the business with two-way messaging around insurance claims and renewals.

Keep your customers’ data safe

With enterprise-grade security features, you’ll rest easy knowing your business is safe. We’re fighting all forms of fraud for simpler and more reliable SMS.
4.7 stars
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 4.7 stars

Why other insurance companies call Messente a “breakthrough”


Hands-on customer support

Speedy support, even if it’s 3pm on a Saturday. If you ever need support, your account manager is just a Slack message away.

Security protocols

GDPR compliance and secure data handling policies keep your customers safe. All the data is processed in the European Union.

Industry-leading delivery rates

Our delivery rates regularly beat out competitors’ by 40%. When you send a message, you’ll know it’s been received.

We’re working towards a safer industry

Learn more about the setup process, and meet some of the people behind our product.

Packed with features for insurance

Built for global scale

Send as many as 9,000 messages per minute to 197+ countries.

Two-way communication

Go beyond updates and have real conversations.

Dashboard and API connection

Track message delivery rates and see performance at a glance.

SSO login

Keep your system secure with single-sign-on options.

It’s easy to get started

Start a conversation with sales, or sign up for free credits to test Messente for yourself. If you’re happy, simply add more credit to your account to keep sending.

Stay connected across the entire customer journey

From attracting new customers to managing existing ones, use modern SMS to make your process easier.
Your claim number is: AB12345. Information about the damage has been sent to your e-mail. Have a nice day.
Here is your payment information: Account number: 12345. Amount: 100€. Payment deadline: 17.04.23.You can also find your payment overview at
Your one-time verification code to enable biometric login is 620388.
Hi! Your incident report from 22/03-2023 has been accepted. You can always see your insurance contracts, terms and claims at

Send claim reports

Let your customers know that a claim has been submitted and received.

Verify in real-time

Send reminders about outstanding bills, and include payment links right in the message.

Send branded communications

Verify users with branded SMS messages.

Send links

Send links to claims or incident reports directly to a customer’s mobile phone.

Veriff increased delivery rates by 35%

Veriff’s customers use SMS to deliver messages all around the world. When they started working with Messente, delivery rates increased by 35%.

Simplify your business messaging

Focus on your users, not on managing your messages. Start today for free.