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Global Reach
Send SMS messages to customers in over 190 countries thanks to partnerships with over 800 mobile networks and hubs.
No Hidden Fees
Fair and transparent pricing. No setup or subscription fees to worry about. Pay only for the messages that you send.
Free Support
Get in touch with a real person when you have questions or need a hand. Included free with all of our services.
Adaptive Routing
Your messages arrive fast thanks to smart routing algorithms which determine the quickest delivery or rerouting channels.
 Complete Analytics
See how your messages are performing in the online dashboard. View campaign history, delivery reports and more.
Omnichannel Messaging
Send rich content messages to Viber users through the same messaging API with more OTT platforms and RCS coming.
SMS Campaign Tools
Run targeted campaigns with tools like message preview, templates, scheduling, unsubscribe links and CRM integration.
Built to Scale
Trust an easy to integrate, enterprise-grade API to handle any volume of messages your company needs ­as you grow.

Messente's messaging platform uses advanced machine learning-based adaptive SMS routing functionality resulting in high global delivery quality.

The development of this functionality has been partially funded by Enterprise Estonia and European Regional Development Fund to the extent of 120 000 EUR.

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 Messente integrates with more than 2000 apps using Zapier or Built-in integrations

SMS Is Great for Customer Support and Sales

Consumers prefer texting over phone or email when communicating with businesses. Take a look at these numbers from Market Strategies International.
66% of consumers either prefer mobile messaging or consider it their second choice for communications when compared to phone and email.
70% of consumers want to use mobile messaging for troubleshooting, and nearly two-thirds want to use it for purchases or reservations
85% of Millennials and 54% of non-Millennials would pay more for a product/service that has mobile messaging support.

Built for every use case

Messente helps businesses across the world to reach out to anyone on the planet with a mobile phone
financial-services parcel-delivery ecommerce healthcare hospiltality
Financial Services
Offer increased security, stay compliant, and grow your business with OTPs and marketing messages.
Parcel Delivery
Make sure that every package gets received and decrease alternative costs with SMS notifications.
Send shipping notifications and marketing offers to increase customer LTV.
Create personalised appointment reminders to decrease no-shows and protect your income.
Send booking information, manage reservations, and create marketing campaigns to improve customer service and increase revenue.
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Freguently Asked Questions

What is an SMS API?

In layman's terms, SMS API is a software service connecting your application with the telecommunication networks. It’s a way to send SMS messages to any network with backup solutions all over the world by only integrating to a single service.

There are various reasons why it is better to use an intermediary. Mobile operators use specialized technical solutions and connecting your application to them can be rather complicated.

SMS API providers, such as Messente, instead create their services with simplicity in mind. So, the functionality is accessible to anybody who can create a website or make a simple HTTP request. Unless you specifically need a direct connection with operators, then using SMS API providers is both faster and cheaper.

How does an SMS API work?

Every time you want to send an SMS, an automatic request is made to the API. After that, Messente will take over. The message gets translated into a protocol that mobile networks can understand and sent to the correct operator.

The network operator will respond back with updates about message delivery status or if there has been a problem. Messente will again translate the status update into a simple application-readable structure and send it back to your application.

Often if you are using popular software applications (e.g. Wordpress or Pipedrive) it’s possible that there may already be pre-built plugins that you can use. Contact our support and ask if anything exists that will speed up your integration process.

How can I get access to Messente’s SMS API?

To get acces to Messente’s SMS API you have to first create an account. It’ll take less than a minute to create one. Then you’ll have access to the API keys that you can use to integrate the API. Make sure you have also added all the contact details under your account.

How to integrate an SMS API?

Integrating SMS API is as simple as sending an automatic “Welcome!” email to your customers from your application. Some development is likely needed, but it should be something that a junior developer can put together in a day.

A developer can help you research the SMS API providers and eventually do the technical part of the integration. A developer’s view of API’s technical documentation gives you a better understanding if it’s easy-to-use and has the features you require.