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REST API to send and receive SMS and Viber messages.


Messaging API helps you add different messaging capabilities to your applications. Using our REST API, you can send and receive SMS and Viber.

The API can be used to send both transactional and marketing messages. Contact our team to learn about the restrictions and prices for different message types and channels.

Messente has partnerships in over 190 countries so you can send messages to everywhere in the world.

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*These channels have a separate verification and setup process

We'll add new channels on a request basis. Contact us to request features that we don't support yet.

Send messages with other channels as fallback options

You can also send a single message to multiple channels by setting a fallback priority in the outgoing request. If the message recipient has not signed up or is not available on one of the channels, then Messente picks the next channel from the priority list.

For example, you can send a message to Viber first and if the user is not registered to Viber, then SMS is tried, then Messente tries SMS.

To start sending Viber messages please contact our support.

Next steps

Now that you're more familiar with the API it's time to test it out.

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